An independent audit of financial statements is one of the foundations for effective operation of capital markets. Audit quality is vital for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and integrity of financial information.


Our audit team is equipped with a high level of technical skills and empowered with professional conduct which provides the foundation to a good audit.


In addition, we believe:


·        Audit methodologies must focus on fundamentals and guide good audit judgment.

·        Technology can provide for effective information gathering, allow for critical data comparisons, and enhance contextual analysis.

·        Compliance tools help the auditor meet professional and regulatory requirements.

·        In a culture that encourages sound judgment, independence and objectivity.

·        A proprietary audit methodology and follow

·        e-audit (paperless audit) as a tool.


Our audit approach is risk based, subject to continuous enhancement and assists us in delivering a service that addresses the client’s strategic priorities and business processes.


A multidisciplinary approach means audit engagement teams include, where appropriate, experienced professionals in such areas as forensics, tax, information risk management and valuation, providing them with a broad understanding of an organization, and enabling teams to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls, and potential fraud.


Using KPMG’s training platform, KPMG member firm professionals have access to industry training, technical skill building, and instruction in KPMG’s audit methodology.


Our practice features a highly focused cadre of professionals who possess hands-on experience within the industry, as well as strong technical experience that leverages this knowledge.


Jaafar Al Qubaiti

Partner,Head of Audit


Jalil Al A'ali

Partner, Audit and Head of Financial Services


Ernst Weber

Partner, Audit and Advisory


Mahesh Balasubramanian

Partner, Audit and Head of Islamic Banking


Harish Gopinath

Partner, Audit and Head of OMB