Tax and Bookkeeping Outsourcing 

KPMG's bookkeeping and tax compliance team can help to set up and maintain the financial accounting function and help ensure timely processing of information and preparation of financial and tax reports that comply with the local accounting and tax requirements and management needs. Using our Tax and Bookkeeping Outsourcing services, the clients can benefit from a team of qualified accountants and tax practitioners, the increased efficiency and accuracy of financial services as well as cost and risk reduction. Together with other KPMG advisers our bookkeeping professionals provide comprehensive support in all accounting and tax areas.


Arkadiusz Mierzejewski

Arkadiusz Mierzejewski

Partner, Tax

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How Can KPMG Help Your Business?


Using well-tested methodologies, tools, knowledge and experience, KPMG’s Tax and Bookkeeping Outsourcing practice provides services relating to:


  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting:

  • Setting up of an accounts data base (opening of the accounting books)
  • Handling the bookkeeping according to the information provided by the client
  • Preparation of periodic management reports in accordance with the client’s standards
  • Year-end close and preparation of financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or National Accounting Standards for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Liaison with the client’s auditors and communication with the Tax Authorities and filing of tax returns.

  • Tax compliance, including registration with the tax authorities and assistance with tax liability payment transfers:

  • Calculation of monthly Corporate Income Tax base and tax advance
  • Preparation of annual Corporate Income Tax returns
  • Preparation of monthly VAT returns
  • Timely delivery of the above tax return forms to the tax authorities
  • Preparation of reports for National Statistical Institute, Bulgarian National Bank and tax authorities if required
  • Liaison with the client’s tax authorities

  •  Payroll and HR administration
  • Personal income tax and social security compliance
  • Corporate secretarial assistance.


Why choose KPMG?


  • Foreign investors find a reliable accounting company and competent advisers
  • A company with foreign participation can produce monthly accounts in a foreign language
  • Confidentiality of information will be guaranteed
  • Outsourcing can lead to significant cost savings
  • Small businesses need not spend time and resources on adjusting to legislative amendments
  • Electronic data transmission (data export and import, electronic services of the Tax Board and of the Health Insurance Fund, mutual use of the bank account) helps ensure the availability and traceability of information for the client and for our team.