Financial Statement Audit 

KPMG provides independent audit services that will help to enhance the reliability and credibility of the information provided by companies to investors, creditors and other stakeholders.

Gilbert McCaul

Gilbert McCaul

Partner, Audit

+359 (2) 9697 401

Our understanding of the relevant industry, including strategies, business risks and processes to manage risks, adds value to clients beyond the formal compliance-driven audit process.


How we can help


Our skilled and experienced audit professionals work with clients and relevant external parties to understand the changing business environment.
We adopt an audit approach that is based on a proven methodology and reinforced by KPMG’s commitment to professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior.


  • We equip our audit teams with advanced technology to provide a structured, risk-focused workflow.
  • We focus on clients’ key business risks.
  • We support the audit process with extensive experience of applying and interpreting financial reporting standards.
  • We identify industry trends, issues and insights that may influence the accuracy and completeness of financial reporting.
  • We offer high-level technical capabilities, a client focused culture and access to a global network of respected audit professionals. Our advice is clear, concise and relevant.

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