Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) 

Today's leading edge Technology, Media & Telecommunications companies are creating the foundation for a networked global economy - a revolutionary business environment that offers unprecedented opportunities for new enterprises and the means for established organizations to generate enormous growth and shareholder value in the last few years. Advances in technology and strive for customer retention or competition for growth of market share drive consolidation on the market, extensive development of new services and convergence.

Nikola Nyagolov

Nikola Nyagolov

TMT Leader

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KPMG’s TMT professionals in Bulgaria have in-depth knowledge of the industry trends and regulatory requirements coupled with practical experience from helping major players on the market address their specific business challenges.


Working with KPMG experts means opting for a holistic, tailored approach. From M&A and transfer pricing to digital content and identity access management, our team join forces beyond the boundaries of the separate audit, tax, legal and advisory professions to offer services which are tailored to the industry topics.


Against the backdrop of a changing economic environment, these teams work with our clients in developing comprehensive and sound strategies for the new challenges the industry is facing. Our worldwide network allows us to offer these services to our clients on a local and an international level.


Media & Telecommunications


Two key drivers, convergence and the fight for access to the homes and businesses of customers, are pushing many of the trends in both fixed line and wireless communications services around the world. Despite declining prices in many areas, the outlook for the communications industry is positive.


Over the past 10 years, large and small companies across all industries have invested in, or considered about investing in, digital strategies. But for all the hype and enthusiasm, few have figured out the right business model to succeed in the new digital era.


Many of today’s businesses are just now addressing the operational risks and challenges inherent in their digital strategies — whether monetizing new digital assets or ensuring that internal financial, IT and other systems are integrated and functioning well globally.


Our Techonoly, Media & Telecommunications specialists focus on assisting clients with addressing key issues facing the industry, some of which include:


  • Licensing and rights management 
  • Tax implications of digital services 
  • Content security 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Competition from traditional and non-traditional players 
  • Customer acquisition and retention 
  • Consolidation and convergence 
  • Product and technology choices 
  • Customer demand for new and improved products and services, etc.


The KPMG experts have the experience and depth of industry knowledge to challenge the client’s business models of the future and to help you make the most of the opportunities on the current markets.




In a sector driven by fast-growth, the emergence of non-traditional competitors and markets challenges established electronics, software and service business models.


The increasing complexity of software bundles, the high manufacturing costs faced by semiconductor companies and the continuing consolidation among electronic equipment manufacturers are among the structural shifts likely to have long term impact.


Whether leveraging intellectual property, extracting additional value from consolidation and acquisition or refining global financial processes, KPMG's professionals are helping clients tackle tough problems and build their strategies to meet the current market needs.