Government and Infrastructure 

The public sector plays a significant role in Bulgaria by providing services and infrastructure that touch the lives of all citizens. The complexity and magnitude of government responsibilities are increasing and the demand for additional public services continues to grow. However, resources are limited and the challenge which the government faces today is doing more with less. Public scrutiny and the need for transparency, accountability and a more efficient performance of government programmes and policies is also rapidly intensifying.


Gergana Mantarkova

Gergana Mantarkova

Government and Infrastructure Leader

+359 (2) 9697 500

KPMG in Bulgaria draws on a long track record of helping government with strategic planning, policy development, management of complex issues and large scale reforms.


The public sector team of KPMG in Bulgaria have over 30 professionals some of whom have firsthand experience in working in organizations across the public sector. Our team has in-depth understanding of the public sector environment and we are dedicated to offer a tailored approach to the regulatory requirements and needs of the organizations operating in the public sector.


As part of a global network, our professionals keep current on public sector trends and issues. Through our international network, we can share ideas and draw upon the resources and experience of our global counterparts to address your specific needs.


At KPMG in Bulgaria, we work with different levels of government as well as key sectors and issues. These areas of focus are:


  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • EU funding
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • International funding organizations.


We understand the environment, culture, policies and procedures of government and we can provide objective and independent services in the following areas:


  • Large scale public sector reforms
  • Government performance improvement
  • EU funds advisory services
  • E-Government
  • IT advisory
  • Human resources management
  • Evaluations and monitoring
  • Audit and compliance services
  • Infrastructure financing
  • Public private partnership
  • Privatisation
  • Restructuring.


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