Consumer Markets  

Today’s competitive consumer market place faces a number of challenges. Globalization, consolidation, technological advances and shifts in consumer preferences are all issues with which executives have to deal. There is a constant pressure to improve margins, convert market and customer information into sales, improve efficiency and employ technology to add value and strategic advantage.


As the Bulgarian consumer markets industry develops, companies need to be swift in adapting their strategies in order to be competitive. They should be resilient yet agile, innovative yet cost-conscious, and always focused on customer needs. Therefore, product innovation, cost management, access to multi-distribution channels, streamlining of the entire value chain, as well as vertical and horizontal integration will be essential.


Tzvetelina Koleva

Tzvetelina Koleva

Consumer Markets Leader

+359 (2) 9697 490

Understanding the drivers of the evolving environment, our dedicated Consumer Markets team works alongside executives to help them manage business and technology risks, improve performance, enter new markets and finance growth, in the areas of:


  • Food, Drink & Consumer Goods 
  • Retail


Through KPMG International's global network of professionals with industry-specific focus and long-standing business relationships with key industry players we stay abreast of developments in the sector and help clients comprehend the implications and devise appropriate strategic and operational responses.