'What if?' 

Helping organizations navigate current and future evolutions is what we do best. Based on our experience, we would like to share some of our visions on the key trends that will shape the future. 'What if' represents our outlook and desire to deliver practical advice that spans diverse technical specialities, business levels and sectors.


We do not set out to provide all the answers, we rather suggest approaches to help build business value in a complex world. We hope this initiative provides a useful springboard for new thinking, debate and above all business action to deliver a future that is both sustainable and profitable.



What if your bank helped you achieve your wildest dreams?




We are all living longer and most of us are in good health. How will your company deal with the demands of an ageing yet active population? Discover four key trends that will shape the future.


What if we were the next source of energy?


Read more about "What if we were the next source of energy?"         


It might sound astonishing, yet.... Research is currently under way to try and recuperate energy produced during a simple walk and transform it into electricity. The energy stored in our shoes would then be used to charge our smartphone or MP3 player. It is indeed a source of inexhaustible energy. Have you given a thought to affordable alternative energy for your business?


What if mobility no longer revolved around transportation but quality of life?




In an ideal world, cars would disappear from the urban landscape. Every day, we lose valuable time in traffic jams, time that we could devote to our work or our family. 
Businesses as well as governments face an enormous challenge in order to provide workers with flexible and efficient mobility options. But what are today's options that will enhance tomorrow’s quality of life?


What if you could not get your merchandise to market?


Read more about "What if road were so congested, you could not get your merchandise to market?"         



Even SMEs must be prepared for big challenges. To confront them, it’s good to know that you can count on the personal touch of an experienced consultant in your area. He will provide you with practical ideas and informed insights at a realistic, competitive fee, using innovative business tools that will help your company to move forward. Contact your KPMG local consultant. Dial our free number 0800 96 242.




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