Transfer Pricing 

Multinationals increasingly see national borders as irrelevant to how they conduct daily business. This is not the case for tax authorities, which are increasingly aware of how transfer prices may affect tax revenues. Strengthened legislations, stricter documentation requirements and penalties for non-compliance are regularly imposed. Transfer pricing is a critical issue for all companies with cross border, inter-company transactions, and requires effective global tax planning.

How KPMG can help

We believe an effective global transfer pricing strategy should address all elements of an organization. It should encompass not only the arm’s-length pricing of tangible goods and services, but also the transfer of intangible assets or group financing, where appropriate, incorporating transfer pricing planning and controversy resolutions as well as compliance into the process as necessary. Our strategies are directed to be commercially viable and balanced, generating tax efficiencies and mitigating the risk of tax authority challenge. 


KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS) practice consists of economists, tax practitioners and financial analysts dedicated to providing clients with effective transfer pricing planning and advisory services worldwide. KPMG’s multidisciplinary approach can help you manage your company’s transfer pricing issues by providing advice on planning, compliance and documentation, and dispute resolution. We can also carry out transfer pricing studies using external databases and Interpreter, our integrated transfer pricing tool.


KPMG’s GTPS practice is driven by a dual philosophy in the execution of our services. We strive to provide advisory services to our clients, not just compliance advice, and we place a strong emphasis on working together with clients.

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Overview of national and international transfer pricing regulations.

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