People Services/Global Mobility Services 

For many global organizations, the pressure to compete means increasing the size and scope of their global workforce. Managing the demands involved in growing a global workforce involves reporting, withholding and regulatory compliance issues in each country in which your employees and organization operate. This can use up significant resources.

How KPMG can help

People Services/Global Mobility Services provides advice on income taxes, social security and legal issues related to the hiring and compensation of directors, executives and employees.

Our Employment Law team advises and offers alternatives when employers are confronted with international and national employment law issues (labor and social security law).


People Services/Global Mobility Services provides advice with regard to personal tax and social security tax structuring and compliance, as well as advice and assistance regarding international assignments, equity-based compensation, pensions and redundancy.


People Services/Global Mobility Services has the people, experience and technology to help companies, regardless of their stage of global development.

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