Global Mobility Services/People Services 

Managing a global workforce requires astute reporting, withholding, and regulatory compliance issues in each country your employees and organization operate in.


Our global mobility services technology also allows us to help you manage the international travel of your employees in an efficient, non-disruptive, and compliant manner.

How can KPMG help you?

Our experienced team can help save you time and effort, by advising on international and national employment law and tax issues, including:


  • Income taxes
  • Social security tax structuring
  • Personal tax compliance
  • Legal issues related to hiring and compensation for directors, executives, and employees
  • Offering alternatives for when employees are confronted employment law issues
  • Equity-based compensation
  • Pensions
  • Advice for international assignments
  • Immigration Services


Global Mobility Services

  Global Mobility Services

KPMG’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice provides advisory, compliance and administrative services, along with outstanding technology.



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In today’s business environment, finding and retaining good staff members can be a challenge for many employers. The adoption of flexible rewards plans can help employers offer individualized compensation and benefits packages to their employers. However, many employers struggle with the administrative impact and the Belgian legal context of flexible reward plans.

KPMG Approach

KPMG can help you with:

  • Technical and practical expertise in all aspects of flexible reward plans, including: individual tax, social security, corporate tax, VAT, labor law, process, IT, and communication
  • A proven, user-friendly web-based tool enabling your employees to shape a compensation and benefits package that suits their individual needs
  • A clear understanding of remuneration policies and structures
  • Our extensive experience of working with a variety of clients, and helping them navigate the complex challenges surrounding remuneration


Compensation packages can be shaped to the needs of your employees and their families. A mobility package can be included to encourage employees to use a variety of transportation methods. The flexible reward package can also be used to reduce your costs with no, or limited net impact for the employees. And last but not least, the flexible reward plan is an important tool from a strategic rewards perspective to attract and retain the best employees on the market.



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