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Corporate tax is an integral part of an organization's financial management. The purpose of tax planning as part of an organization's overall business strategy is to avoid tax risks and benefit as much as possible from tax opportunities, within legal boundaries. Professional tax management involves carefully monitoring each corporate transaction and identifying the tax implications from an early stage.

Taxation is vital to a modern society. Shareholders can be unforgiving of a company management failing to conform to legal and ethical interpretations of taxation. Corporations must accordingly make taxation a crucial part of their business strategy, in particular those with international transactions, and this may well demand a degree of specialization beyond their internal resources.

How KPMG can help you

The Corporate Tax department provides advice and assistance on corporate taxation in various areas of specialization: banking, insurance, leasing, real estate, IT, telecommunications, media, transfer pricing, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and restructuring of companies. Our corporate tax professionals have an extensive experience concerning international tax planning. Our range of corporate legal advisory services includes the drafting of documents and advice in the fields of company law (including mergers and acquisitions and restructuring operations), commercial law, business-contract law and real-estate law.


Our international tax professionals have a sharp focus on incoming and outgoing investment flows, offering services with specific cross border relationships (Belgian Desk in New York, German Desk, Belgium-Holland Desk, EU Enlargement, etc.).



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