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We help our clients (C-level, IT managers, Business Managers) gain the necessary insight and understanding of the multiple factors behind implementing an aligned IT strategy within budget while reducing the risk of failure.

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Today's challenges

  • The financial crisis has hit some industries hard. This ability of companies to cut their IT costs and become more flexible in developing new applications to support the business has become even more strategically important.
  • In order to keep up with the new technologies, such as cloud, social networks, mobile applications, among others, companies need a combination strategic insight and relevant technical knowledge 
  • Security demands concerning protection against hacking and fraud need systems that are robust and suitable state of the art architectures with built-in defense mechanisms that prevent malicious attacks on the systems.

How KPMG can help

  • Advising our clients on developing an IT strategy fully aligned with the organization’s strategy 
  • Helping our clients minimize IT expenses while maximizing service to the business and its customers (value for money)
  • Advising our clients on the process of setting up effective, strategy-driven IT portfolio management 
  • Helping our clients to enhance or setup their service management and monitor SLAs 
  • Advising our clients on the selection and implementation of new technologies


  • We are independent, risk-aware with a clear focus on quality and long-and short- term high-value business benefits. 
  • We help our clients to envisage strategic IT solutions aligned with business strategy and objectives in strict observation of compliance and risk.
  • Our experienced people deliver cross disciplinary services (risk, security, BI ), which are examples of good practices - open, transparent and pragmatic based on a strong foundation of integrity. Our goal is to deliver these services across different sectors and provide a “one stop shop” for cutting through the most complex problems and situations).
  • We assist clients in applying the leading practices in the market, supported by a powerful global KPMG network of knowledge. We collaborate with and leverage our large number of sector specialists within the KPMG network, both in Belgium and Europe.
  • We are trusted advisors for our clients. We provide insight in IT environments that help them make the most appropriate operational and strategic decisions. An IT strategy maturity model is only the start of a continuous, cyclical process in delivering capacity.
  • We focus on resolving problems throughout the operation, from strategy and design to the assessment of its implementation (Strategical > Tactical > Operational).

Anthony Van de Ven

Anthony Van de Ven


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