Real Estate Transactions 

The global real estate market is dynamic — with an increasing number of cross border deals, greater structural complexity, more investor resistance to open auction sales, greater sophistication and focus on the financial and tax agenda — all set against a backdrop of credit constraint and falling property values. The result is a growing demand for independent advisors who have financing M&A, restructuring and tax skills.

How KPMG can help

  • Advise on sales, acquisitions and refinancing of large property assets
  • Review of portfolios and companies
  • Formulate and appraise strategies and options for structuring and delivering real estate deals
  • Advise on development projects, including procurement of development partners, raising debt and equity and negotiating commercial terms to optimize value
  • Advise on the feasibility, structuring and raising of finance for property funds and projects
  • Knowledge on special purpose vehicles, joint ventures, property companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Capabilities across both the public and corporate real estate sectors

We can help if you are considering how to extract capital from existing property assets, perhaps to reinvest in a core business or to diversify or pay down debt. We can also assist you in your efforts of optimizing capital structure and/or balance sheet, reducing onerous lease provisions, acquiring real estate assets or companies that own real estate assets, and of financing large property projects, including refurbishment, redevelopment or regeneration. Finally, we can provide assistance with regard to restructuring property debt covenants.


KPMG’s Real Estate practice comprises professionals with varied backgrounds — and our firms’ senior practitioners have considerable experience in the real estate financial markets gained from working at a number of leading banking and real estate firms. Collectively, the team has experience across a broad range of real estate debt and equity products and structures.


Our advice is independent of the provision of funding or other financial products. In addition, our practitioners are closely integrated with KPMG’s tax services.

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Koen Maerevoet

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