Real Estate and Infrastructure 

Institutional investors have accommodated real estate as a larger component within their investment portfolio. New challenges, such as debt markets, environmental and sustainability issues, all affect the future value of real estate and dictate the areas in which to drive growth.

How KPMG can help

KPMG Real Estate and Infrastructure aims at turning knowledge into value by providing strategical and practical advice on business practice, rules, regulations and taxes impacting your real estate projects.

KPMG Real Estate and Infrastructure provides an independent, multidisciplinary approach to the real estate industry, advising our clients on financing, M&A, tax and accounting issues at local, national and global level.


Our clients include stocklisted and private property companies, indirect investment vehicles, occupiers, central, regional and local governmental organizations, house builders, property developers, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and estate agents.


Our professionals use their technical skills and experience to understand the clients' individual needs, business objectives and commercial rationales behind transactions to achieve successful outcomes.


Working with KPMG Real Estate and Infrastructure professionals means opting for a strong team of advisors with an in-depth understanding of local issues, challenges and trends combined with cross-border experience.

As a KPMG client you can expect to receive a very high standard of professional services through a business relationship that goes beyond the traditional approach.

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Tax and Legal Advisers

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Real Estate Transactions

There is a growing demand for independent advisors who have financing M&A, restructuring and tax skills in the Real Estate sector. KPMG can help.