Your selection process 

Once your application has been accepted, you will be invited for a Graduate Assessment Center. The KPMG selection process consists of two phases. On beforehand you will receive different online tests which you can complete at home.

Your selection process


On the day of the Graduate Assessment Center you will get the chance to perform a KPMG Business Game and introduce yourself to an HR employee and a manager of the department of your choice.


The KPMG Business Game

The Business Game challenges you on your business management and team skills. During the individual preparation, you can gather and integrate the relevant information, come to conclusions and express your personal opinion. Afterwards, you will have to agree on several topics with the whole group, set priorities and make sure that you reach a consensus.


The interview

During the individual interview you can illustrate your motivation for the job of your choice. We will explore whether you have the capabilities we need in the business. What we value most of all are clear examples of what you have done and how you did it. Furthermore, you will have the chance to show your language skills during the interview. At the end of the day, the observations made by the assessors during the different exercises will be brought together and matched with the results of the tests you completed earlier and the motivational interview. A complete profile will then be the basis for our perspective on your future career at KPMG.

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If you are already registered in our applicants database, you can access your profile via this page.

General Application

If you have not seen a job that interests you, and you would like to make a general application.