Personal Development 

To get the best out of yourself it is important that you are supported by different people. At KPMG your manager will act as a coach and on-the-job you will find mentors guiding you. Corporate HR takes you through some great development initiatives with state of the art approaches and tools. Your Personal Development Plan will be your compass and map to take the right ways. The Development Portfolio triggers you to reflect and continuously improve your skills.


In practice you can participate in many trainings to acquire the right knowledge and skills. The KPMG Business School will be your virtual portal to an enormous variety of learning opportunities both formal and on-the-job to develop technical, business, and leadership skills. It provides one central location through which you can access the firm’s catalogue of (inter)nationally delivered courses. The skills you develop will help you reach your full potential and the learning opportunities will provide you with a breadth of knowledge and skills to help you become a well-rounded professional.

Personal Development

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