Our ambition 

Our vision: the community of choice
KPMG wants to be the community of choice: the obvious selection for our clients, our staff members and society, in general. This challenging goal is central to the way we approach every transaction we undertake. This objective also continually supplies us with energy and inspiration when working with our stakeholders. 

Our ambition

Employer of choice
KPMG has a leading position in its industry when it comes to recruitment, development and retention of top talent, and it makes every effort to maintain this position. This is essential, because we require the best for our clients and our firm. Our culture and our possibilities for both personal and professional development receive continuous attention, so that we can offer an inspiring work environment.

Strategy: Watch market trends, support people and maintain the highest levels of quality possible
We are pursuing an ambitious goal. Therefore, we have to continuously maintain our sharpness with a strategy that focuses on the markets in which our clients operate, the people we work for and with and an uncompromising attitude towards the quality of our work.


  • We analyze the markets – this is an important component of getting a good picture of current trends and issues in various sectors. Within this framework, we evaluate the value-added services to (potential) clients. In this way, we focus our activities and the efforts of our specialists on the areas that mean the most to our clients.


  • Our employees have the room to grow – Available talent is scarce. That is why we devote so much attention to attracting qualified professionals and creating a habitat for them to develop. We deliver valuable project teams with extensive knowledge and experience to assist clients. Therefore, they must be able to rely on us and the services we present. We monitor the quality of our services through our internal quality survey.


  • We invest significant time and capital in our service offerings – KPMG wants to establish long-term relationships with its clients. We monitor the quality of our services through our internal quality survey. We improve the quality of our services by investing in systems and processes, conducting intensive training schemes for our professionals under the supervision of our senior management.


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