The audit of financial statements intended for shareholders has traditionally been one of our core activities. This often involves specific issues and legislation and regulations, for which we offer appropriate services. Listed companies and large complex business choose us because of our in-depth specialist knowledge in our areas of expertise. Key audit services are: 


  • Financial Statements Audit
  • Attestation Services
Besides, responsible managers constantly ask themselves whether their organisation is heading in the right direction for achieving its objectives. With the support of us as a critical sounding board, an organisation obtains a clearer insight into the coherence of their strategy, business risks, and implications for financial statements. This applied audit approach is defined in the term ‘Financial Statement Audit’ (FSA). FSA – an audit approach applied by KPMG firms – is based on gaining the maximum advantage from changes in the internal and external business environment. The insight gained into the business environment, the corporate strategy and the business processes enables us to properly analyse organisations’ objectives,opportunities and risks. The review of the financial information and communication results in, among other things, an analysis of the reliability of the financial statements and the corresponding report. Systematic attention for effective risk management is vital for the continuity of organisations. Moreover, stakeholders and supervisory bodies increasingly request information in the area of corporate governance.

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