R&D Incentives 

Organisations that invest in R&D to drive innovation can create returns for their own business and assist in creating long-term value and competitive advantage for Australia. This is particularly relevant in tougher economic times when companies are faced with margin pressures, disruptive business models, technological obsolescence and the incursion of information technology in their interactions with customers, suppliers and intermediaries.

David Gelb

David Gelb

Lead Partner, R&D Incentives

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Grants & Incentives

Our Australian Tax practice helps clients in a wide range of industries to identify government environmental incentives and other assistance schemes.

In addition, we are seeing the growth of enterprise-wide innovation programs that change the way businesses operate.


KPMG’s R&D Incentives group has experience in extracting tax savings from technology based improvements to processes, products and services that are often overlooked as they occur outside traditional product development or R&D departments.

How we can help
KPMG assists organisations to access government R&D and innovation benefits they are eligible to receive.

We can:

  • identify and access R&D tax credits and a range of relevant government grants and incentives
  • evaluate projects for tax efficient outcomes
  • offer R&D business process management support, including reviews, process design recommendations and assistance with implementation
  • identify and claim R&D tax concessions and relevant grants available internationally
  • obtain other government support.

Why select us
KPMG's team of R&D Incentives professionals has extensive industry experience and diverse technical backgrounds across areas including science, information technology, engineering, law, taxation and accounting.


This breadth of knowledge enables our professionals to provide clear and concise advice and support to clients across all industry sectors, and to effectively liaise with the numerous Federal and State Government agencies and industry bodies.

R&D Incentives: Adding value across ASPAC

R&D Incentives: Adding value across ASPAC
A summary version of KPMG's fifth edition of the Asia Pacific R&D Incentives Guide, which compares R&D tax benefits across the Asia Pacific region.

Driving innovation

Constant instability and disruption demands an innovative response from organisations. Those who step up to the challenge find new ways to grow.

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