International Executive Services 

In managing global and local workforces, companies face the challenge of attracting, motivating and retaining the best people whilst mitigating employment risks and costs in an environment of ever evolving regulatory and taxation requirements.

Andy Hutt

Andy Hutt

Partner, International Executive Services

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How can we help?

KPMG’s International Executive Services team is a multi-disciplined group dedicated to helping companies deal with all aspects of global mobility, remuneration and employment taxes strengthening the ability to compete for talent in a global environment.


We provide a broad range of services.


Global Mobility

International Assignment Tax Compliance & Advisory

A single source of tax advisory and compliance services covering all aspects of global mobility. We work with a wide range of clients to derive long-term tax savings for both the company and international assignee. We provide a personalised service for each expatriate, assisting with home and host-country tax returns, tax briefings, cross-border tax advice and assistance in the application of tax equalisation and tax protection policies.


Global Mobility Advisory

Strategic advice and administrative support for the management of international assignments, related remuneration and benefits policies and relocation activities. Our team is highly skilled in developing global mobility policies, managing varied international assignee populations and providing practical and innovative solutions to global mobility issues.


KPMG LINK Global Mobility Technology

A web-based, integrated, and user-friendly suite of technology tools to help streamline the management of a globally mobile workforce. The KPMG Link suite, which can be tailored to a company’s specific assignment program, includes assignment management, compensation collection and tracking tools to manage costs and enhance the efficiency of international assignment programs.


Immigration Services

Businesses are increasingly seeking to recruit qualified people offshore, or to move their existing employees between countries. Individuals are becoming more globally mobile. We advise on immigration strategies for companies and individuals. Working with clients, we save them time and money and reduce the uncertainty, frustration and anxiety that so often accompany immigration matters.


Executive Remuneration Advisory

Executive remuneration continues to attract significant scrutiny from the public, media and shareholder and governance groups. Companies need remuneration strategies to align with overall business strategy while accounting for shareholder interests, legislative and regulatory change and the economic climate. KPMG’s Executive Remuneration team brings an experienced and practical approach to assisting boards and senior management with the development of remuneration strategy design and implementation, benchmarking, short term and long term incentive design and implementation and regulatory and risk assessment.


Employment Taxes

We cover an extensive range of employment tax services, working with our clients to manage compliance risks as well as reduce costs. We can help navigate the complexities of employing an international workforce in Australia through fringe benefits tax compliance, due diligence and planning, salary packaging, payroll tax, contractor, superannuation and termination payments advice.

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Migration Newsflash

Migration Newsflash
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International Executive Services brochure

International Executive Services brochure
KPMG's IES practice provides advisory, compliance and administrative services to help you manage an international workforce.