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Taxation law can be complex and uncertain. With each development in the tax environment, the context for resolving tax disputes changes.

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New legislation, pressure on tax receipts, pressure on businesses to add value and manage cash — there is always a risk that revenue authorities have a different opinion as to how the taxation law applies to a tax position.


For taxpayers this can result in a dispute with revenue authorities, and lack of a sound strategy for resolving disputes is a recipe for uncertainty, inefficiency and lost opportunity. 


How we can help

Successful outcomes are the result of having the right people with the right knowledge along every step of the way. Our national team of specialists has extensive experience assisting organisations resolve tax disputes whilst maintaining an effective working relationship with revenue authorities.


Through our global network of tax dispute management and resolution professionals, we assist clients by:


  • advising on the prospects of success in relation to challenging decisions made by revenue authorities
  • helping to resolve cross-border tax disputes and disputes with revenue authorities in foreign jurisdictions
  • addressing uncertain tax positions and strategies with the revenue authorities, seeking internal reviews and escalating disputes
  • consulting with Treasury for legislative amendments where adverse decisions arise from unintended outcomes
  • documenting evidence in anticipation of future enquiries by revenue authorities, preparing evidence relevant to challenging adverse decisions and responding to notices issued by revenue authorities to produce information and evidence
  • appearing before the ATO’s General Anti-Avoidance Review panel in response to anti-avoidance matters
  • participating in alternative forms of dispute resolution and conducting tax litigation in the High Court, Federal Court of Australia, State Supreme Courts and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


Why select us
KPMG’s assistance extends to deploying, in a secure online environment, sophisticated proprietary software to collect, organise and review evidence relevant to a taxation dispute.


We provide valuations and reviews by relevant accounting experts and enlist experienced practitioners in fields such as economics, IT and engineering to assist in further understanding the client’s position.



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Driving business value through tax
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