International Corporate Tax 

Multinational companies require global tax planning. It is not enough for a company with operations in multiple countries to adapt separately to each of its local operating environments. To thrive, multinational entities need to adapt to local, regional and national factors.

Peter Madden

Peter Madden

National Leader, International Corporate Tax

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Taxation is an important variable because it helps determine what corporate structure is appropriate, where intellectual property should be located and how global supply chains should be configured to achieve tax efficiency.


How we can help

Our International Corporate Tax (ICT) professionals use their technical knowledge and practical experience to help organisations seize international tax opportunities and avoid pitfalls.


We advise Australian corporations and funds on the most tax-effective approach to everything from the establishment of new investments in foreign markets to the location of regional holding companies and disposal of foreign assets. And we work with ICT colleagues around the globe to advise on investments into Australia.


This includes evaluating the impacts of the foreign withholding tax regimes of potential investment locations as well as opportunities arising from relevant double tax treaties.


We also assist clients with Australia’s Controlled Foreign Corporation and Foreign Investment Fund requirements and advise on global indirect tax issues.


Why select us?

Our professionals seek to exemplify the principle 'think globally, act locally'. We help support companies around the world, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or testing cross-border opportunities for the first time.


To meet our clients' global requirements, we regularly work in specifically formed international teams.

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