Succession Planning 

Transferring the ownership and management of a family business to the next generation is rarely a straightforward process. Badly handled, it can destroy wealth and family relationships.

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Careful planning helps reconcile different family interests and expectations, resolve awkward tax and financial issues and ensure continuity of the business.


Events such as marital breakdown, sudden illness or death can greatly complicate matters for the unprepared.


How we can help

For more than a century, KPMG’s Private Enterprise practice has helped many family businesses develop sound business succession plans. They typically cover:

  • the current owners' personal needs and aspirations
  • family expectations
  • ownership of the business going forward
  • the family's ongoing management role
  • day-to-day management of the business.


We assist family business clients to deal with all the relevant matters, including equity transfer through will, sale or gift, ownership and management succession, retirement planning (including DIY superannuation) and estate planning.


We advise business owners and other family members on planning to accumulate and preserve wealth, increase the value of the business, manage change, professionalise the management of the business and resolve conflicts between family members.