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Even in challenging economic times, business leaders need to consider major transactions as a means of renewing and transforming their enterprises.

Craig Mennie

Craig Mennie

Partner in Charge, Transaction Services

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When capital became scarce and business conditions deteriorated, companies instinctively moved to cut costs, defer expansion plans and went into ‘lock down’ until things improved.


The outlook is now more optimistic as the economy starts to recover. So it’s time to look more closely at how strategic transactions — acquisitions, divestments, IPOs, privatisations, mergers and alliances, debt and equity deals — can enhance competitive advantage and shareholder value.


In uncertain business circumstances, the margins for error are thin and lenders and investors are unforgiving of poorly thought out and executed deals.


High quality, professional advice assists companies to complete successful transactions that result from clear-eyed analysis, strategic focus and disciplined execution. It is where KPMG can make a difference.


How we can help
KPMG’s Transaction Services practice helps client organisations assess, plan and manage major transactions.


Financial Due Diligence

  • pre-deal evaluations
  • financial due diligence
  • vendor assistance
  • regulatory reporting and financing the transaction.


Strategic & Commercial Intelligence

  • strategic, commercial and operational issues
  • gathering and interpreting relevant information
  • integration and synergy assessment
  • operational due diligence and performance.


KPMG supports these services with its global capabilities, detailed industry knowledge, superior service and performance, and powerful insights gained from continuing research into the factors making for successful transactions.