Climate Change & Sustainability Services 

There is increasingly a 'hard' economic and commercial edge to social and environmental issues faced by all organisations and governments. Sustainability is moving from being primarily about corporate responsibility to a process that can create long-term economic value.

Adrian King

Adrian King

Global Head, Climate Change & Sustainability Services

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Prepare for the future: Sustainability as a business driver

Prepare for the future: Sustainability as a business driver
An overview of KPMG's global Climate Change and Sustainability Services.

Underpinning this change are the regulatory responses, a price on carbon to stimulate investments in 'green' energy and technologies and address water scarcity, along with the anticipated re-emergence of the social issue of a workforce skills shortage.


These developments are reshaping business opportunities and risks and have the potential to significantly impact on financial performance and long-term business success.


KPMG’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services group works with clients to respond to sustainability, climate change and water issues in order to manage risk, create value and achieve a competitive advantage.


How we can help

Our services include:


Sustainability Advisory
Assisting organisations to create value and manage risk through appropriate sustainability strategies and programs.


Climate Change Advisory

Helping organisations prepare for, and perform successfully in, a low-carbon economy.


Water Advisory

Working with governments, water corporations and businesses to respond to the challenges of water scarcity. We assist governments execute their water reform agendas and identify and manage public and private investment in water projects.


Assurance services – sustainability reporting and greenhouse gas emissions

Providing assurance services to enhance the credibility of reported information associated with sustainability practices and greenhouse gas emissions. We combine the rigour of the financial audit approach with a deep understanding of sustainability and greenhouse gas data management and reporting issues.


We deploy multi-disciplinary teams drawing on capabilities in business, risk, environmental matters, social studies, compliance, finance, tax, accounting and audit.

The Road to Paris

The Road to Paris
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COP21 Climate Talks
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