The work of forensic investigators can be vital in uncovering and confirming fraud, corruption and misconduct.

Mark Leishman

Mark Leishman

Partner, Forensic

+61 7 3233 9683

"With experienced investigators from a range of backgrounds including accounting, legal, business and law enforcement, our global investigations network provides clients with access to the right specialised investigation resources wherever and whenever they need them." Mark Leishman

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Taking a proactive stance against fraud, corruption and misconduct.

Forensic contacts

Contact details for KPMG Forensic professionals around Australia.

They assist legal counsel and audit committees and can be instrumental in responding effectively to administrative, disciplinary and criminal inquiries. They help in asset recoveries, liaise with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, and support court testimony.


The right kind of professional assistance is imperative.


How we can help
KPMG Forensic provides a range of professional investigation services, including:

  • fraud and misconduct investigations involving data collection and analysis supported by appropriate interviewing and reporting skills
  • investigations into accounting irregularities, misstatements and other improprieties affecting the integrity of financial reporting
  • investigations into possible violations of anti-bribery and corruption statutes and codes
  • accounting and internal control reviews
  • investigations involving multiple national jurisdictions.


KPMG has been involved in some of Australia's (and the world's) largest financial and accounting investigations. It has given us a wealth of experience, including:

  • gathering critical documents and digital evidence
  • interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • analysing information to assist with asset tracing and recovery
  • determining the appropriateness of accounting practices
  • helping manage litigation.


Our investigations are impartial, respect the facts and take account of confidentiality and reputational issues as well as legal and ethical guidelines.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Anti-Bribery & Corruption
Anti-bribery and corruption are key issues for any organisation operating across International borders.

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