People & Change 

Business transformation and change projects often fail to deliver all of their promised benefits. A common reason for this failure is that the organisation’s people have been left behind in the change process.

Peter Outridge

Peter Outridge

Director, Business Performance Services

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If change is to be truly effective and sustainable, the people involved with and affected by the process must become engaged with, committed to, and competent in, the new ways of doing business.


Understanding the people dimensions of change is the essential precursor for identifying natural leaders and change sponsors, managing stakeholder engagement and developing effective communication and training programs.

KPMG can help organisations put their people into the change process.

How we can help

We can help organisations transform their business by:

  • aligning top change teams around the strategy and required performance
  • creating a vision and a case for change
  • understanding how the various levers of change are supposed to work and interact
  • crafting appropriate communication strategies and plans
  • designing the change project and its management
  • improving organisational design and capability development encouraging cultural change
  • introducing effective performance management measures
  • developing effective delivery models.


Our Business Performance Services professionals have extensive experience in change management programs and in organisational design and development. They can assist organisations to attain their change objectives by grasping the vital people issues from the start.