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Renew relationships with former colleagues and friends and enjoy the benefits of our alumni program.

Graduates & students

Graduates & students
Discover how a career at KPMG can help you Go Beyond your potential.


World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

Each year, business, political and other leaders attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This year, over 2,500 participants, including 40 Heads of State, will discuss ten global challenges affecting the world today, as well as current affairs.


WEFLIVE is your window into the World Economic Forum and KPMG's involvement at Davos 2015.


50 best fintech innovators

In an industry that will soon be irrevocably changed by the disruptive effect of innovation, the companies doing fintech best are the most likely to succeed.


So there’s never been a better time to be aware of fintech – and especially, who is doing it best.

Freedom through cyber security

The right approach to cyber security enables an organisation to embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities.

Going Beyond the obvious

Go Beyond the obvious

Browse leader perspectives, new thinking articles and client stories that provide valuable up-to-the-minute insights into your industry and today's business world.

Embedding cyber in your organisation

Mark Tims discusses that an essential part of thwarting cyber attacks is broadening the definition of what security means to an organisation.

Preparing to take on the world?

Preparing to take on the world?
So your business is ready to take the next big step into a new market. Backed by the global power of Advance and KPMG, elevate61 is a unique program designed to help entrepreneurial Australian companies enter new markets and accelerate their growth overseas.