• Industry: Automotive, Building materials, Chemicals, Industrial Manufacturing, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 28/11/2012

Manufacturing competitiveness in Australia 

There is already significant activity dedicated to manufacturing competitiveness in Australia. However, our intention is to use this new understanding of the breadth and depth of manufacturing in the Australian economy to help industry better leverage existing efforts, develop a cohesive action plan and to assist government develop policy focused on enabling a thriving and innovative high value manufacturing industry.
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KPMG's discussion paper on Manufacturing Competitiveness in Australia was developed in collaboration with John Pollaers, CEO Pacific Brands and through discussions with key industry executives and government stakeholders, with a view to redefine the traditional concept of manufacturing.

The outcomes we have been looking to achieve with this paper and by contributing to the debate are to:


  • redefine manufacturing in Australia
  • propose a framework for broader industry and government to engage on opportunities for the manufacturing industry
  • encourage industry to raise its leadership to shape and drive a more proactive and collaborative plan to transition Australia to a high value manufacturing economy
  • assist government in identifying practical solutions to attract investment, stimulate productivity (human and capital), substantially reduce the cost of doing business and increase access to growth markets.