Delivering Australian Prosperity to 2020 

The world is no longer a simple place.

The way business and governments respond to challenges and emerging opportunities will determine our success, performance and future well-being.

Working with clients across a diverse range of industry sectors and global economies means KPMG is well placed to present ideas that could benefit our nation.

Twelve of our best thinkers came together to brainstorm the key issues challenging our ongoing economic well-being.

Delivering Australian Prosperity to 2020 is a contribution from KPMG to the conversation Australia needs to have about these important issues.
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Key issues

  • Australia’s Increased Interconnectivity:
    A Double-Edged Sword – Andries Terblanche
  • Education: The Essential Investment – Brendan Rynne
  • Technology, Innovation and the Critical Role of Research and Development – Ken Reid
  • Underwriting our Future with a China Plan – Jason Chang
  • Delivering Energy Security through Better Business Reporting – Michael Bray
  • Australian Demographic Trends and Imperatives in the 2010s – Bernard Salt
  • Infrastructure’s Funding Dilemma – Graham Brooke & Julian Vella
  • Sustainability: A Plan for Long-Term Prosperity – Jennifer Westacott
  • Australia’s Formidable Funding Challenge – Andrew Dickinson & Andries Terblanche
  • The Economy Goes Digital – Malcolm Alder