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  • Date: 22/03/2013

Australia's Energy Financing Challenge 

Energy is at the heart of all Australian businesses and households and is a critical enabler for our economy. In their Energy White Paper, the Australian Government emphasised that private sector investment in the energy sector would require a huge amount of capital over the next 20 years.
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In the global competition for capital, what should Australia be doing to attract and hold this investment? Can we confidently expect that existing policy settings, plus our resource endowment and location, will get us to this goal, or is this too optimistic?


This report provides a wide-ranging perspective of the key immediate, medium and long-term challenges facing the Australian energy sector, with particular emphasis on finance and investment, and has been written with a level of detail intended to address a broad audience across industry, government and financial services.


Key recommendations to ensure the investment required to support the energy sector:

  • develop a better energy market framework to improve the energy investment environment and attract finance
  • continued development of a more deep and liquid corporate bond market in Australia
  • address the reasons for superannuation trustees’ reluctance to invest in long-term energy projects
  • specific tax reforms to level the playing field for global investors.

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