• Service: Private Enterprise
  • Level: Partner
  • Joined: 1999
  • Location: Australia

Text version:

I’m Antoni Cinanni, a KPMG partner in Private Enterprise, focussing on Audit. I also have a young family, so I love spending time with family on weekends. That’s one thing I really have a good time with — my two boys, getting out in the garden, kicking the footy around and going down to have coffee and having a meal is really something I enjoy.

My career journey at KPMG started back in 1999, as a graduate. And I went to a division which was Private Enterprise and I worked on a number of clients in the tax, accounting and audit areas. Many of the clients I worked on back then, are clients that I still have today as a partner.

What my role typically involves as an Audit partner in Private Enterprise, is working on a number of different engagements at any one time. I’m often, on a daily basis, meeting with people in the office to help resolve client issues as their arising, in addition to coaching and mentoring a lot of our people.

Most recently I’ve helped one of our guys secure a secondment to the UK office. I’ve seen him come through and work as a graduate for me on a number of engagements. I’ve helped to develop and coach and mentor him throughout that time.

The three things that I look for in a graduate are one; they are willing to take on a challenge and want to take on a challenge. The second thing I look for is someone that’s willing to really work hard. And the third thing I look for is someone that wants to be part of a team.

Once I made manager at KPMG, it also gave me a great opportunity to continue my development through to senior manager and partner. One of the things I did during that time was get an opportunity to work a lot with new clients that I’d never worked with before but also be involved in a lot of business development. And going out and meeting new clients for the first time is always a great thrill for me – to learn about a new business, meet new people and get to understand what really makes these businesses so successful.

What inspires me to come to work every day? Well, one is, I really love the clients that I work on I have a passion for what they do. The other is my people, I love working with the people in my group and again seeing them develop their careers, do the CA, learn, and become professionals.

And the other thing that I really love about KPMG and makes me want to come to work every day is to be able to say that I’m at the technical excellence and at the pinnacle of my field. I think you get it at KPMG.

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