Annual Review
and Outlook 2012

The Australian nation, people and economy changed profoundly during the first decade of the 21st century.
Our 2012 Annual Review explores the key issues and opportunities we see shaping Australia's future prosperity.

Annual Review and Outlook 2012 

The Australia of the next 10 years will be a very different place to the Australia of the last 10 years. The changes are local and global, economic and demographic.

Our Annual Review and Outlook 2012 outlines our thinking on some of the key issues and opportunities for Australia.

KPMG Results

KPMG continued to grow profitably in Australia in FY2012. Here we present the critical and related factors that drove the results.

New Society

There is a shift in the influences shaping Australia. Not just in our ethnic makeup, but as a generational change. What will our workforce look like?

New Rules

Should organisations consider new rules solely through the lens of compliance? Or can new regulation be a positive catalyst for reshaping strategy?

Brave New Thinking

The way of the future is not necessarily an extension of the past. This is the era of breakpoint thinking, a chaotic fusion of ideas and connections.

New Directions

The GFC changed Australia’s economic base. We are no longer the ‘lucky country’. New models and collaborations are needed for continued prosperity.

KPMG International Annual Review

Our International Annual Review examines developments in the global economy and how they affect clients, KPMG member firms and the wider community.

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