New Society

New Society 

There is a shift in the influences shaping Australia. Not just a change in our ethnic makeup, but a generational change ushering out the baby boomers and welcoming in a new set of Gen-X leaders and Gen-Y managers.

What will our workforce look like at the end of this decade?

Remote locations are experiencing phantom population growth; skilled non-resident workers who fly, bus or drive into remote locations and live on-the-job in prefabricated homes. Will a more flexible, mobile and diverse workforce help fill the skills gap?

Will innovation, technology, new places and new ways of working drive productivity?

Can we be nimble and lead creative, resourceful and responsive organisations that will grow with this new society?


These are the topics we explore in New Society.

Remote Workplaces

Audio podcast featuring:

  • Bernard Salt, Partner in Charge, Demographics, KPMG
  • Nicki Hutley, Chief Economist, KPMG
  • Peter NcNally, IT Advisory, KPMG
  • Warren Mundine, CEO, GenerationOne
  • Helen Cook, Partner, Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG
  • Karen Waller, Executive Director, Private Enterprise and Migration, KPMG


Barangaroo solution

Workplace of the Future

Barangaroo Solution for KPMG Growth Plans.

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