Case study: Jawun - Indigenous Corporate Partnerships 

KPMG supports Jawun through a unique fully funded secondment program.
Jawun - Indigenous Corporate Partnerships

Maria says "Djarragun College is defying common trends by improving the attendance and the academic performance of its students. The partnerships it forms with firms like KPMG foster an exchange of knowledge and experience that are life affirming and often life changing."

Our people have the opportunity to work with Indigenous organisations on a project basis, in Cape York Peninsula, Shepparton in Victoria, Redfern/Waterloo in urban Sydney and Kununurra in the East Kimberly region in WA from 1 to 6 months. They apply their skills and knowledge to help build the capacity of Indigenous businesses and, ultimately, healthier and more sustainable communities.


Jawun is a non-profit organisation inspired by Noel Pearson that seeks to foster economic and social development, focusing on long-term, sustainable initiatives that will help break the cycle of welfare dependency in Indigenous communities.


Maria Niedzwiecka, Business Development Analyst in Markets, Sydney, worked for 5 weeks at Djarragun College on a Jawun secondment. Djarragun is an Indigenous educational institution near Cairns. Maria prepared marketing materials to attract prospective students and business investors to the College.


Indigenous, reconciliation journey
KPMG provides resources to various partnership programs to help build the capacity of communities’ social and economic outcomes.

Reconciliation Action Plan

KPMG's Reconciliation Action Plan aims to help bridge the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous opportunity.

Our reconciliation journey – interactive version

Our reconciliation journey – interactive version
Discover our reconciliation journey and see how you can make your mark on our journey going forward.