Case study: Earthwatch 

Since 1993 KPMG has supported the Earthwatch Institute.
Case study: Earthwatch
"I became more aware of how fragile the ecosystems of these areas are and how quickly they could disappear," Emma says of her Earthwatch experience.

Earthwatch engages people in scientific field research and education in an important aspect of Australia’s natural environment. It promotes the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.


Emma Hombsch, a senior adviser in IT Advisory in Adelaide, is one of KPMG's Earthwatch Fellows. She spent 2 weeks working on a Climate Change in the Rainforest project in North Queensland. The project collected data about the animals inhabiting the rainforest that are most vulnerable to climate change. Emma spent her time searching for and capturing reptiles, taking their DNA, recording information about habitats, bird watching and night spotlighting.

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