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KICC 2014

KICC 2014
And the winner of KPMG's International Case Competition for 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil is... Team Australia. Congratulations to the team.


Tax reform for our future success

Reforming Australia's tax system is a daunting task. As the tax reform debate increases, KPMG’s new paper Tax reform for our future success discusses the importance and difficulty of tax reform.


View video of Rosheen Garnon, National Managing Partner, Tax, discussing the key issues.

Operating and Financial Reviews 2014

With the release of ASIC Regulatory Guide 247 Effective disclosure in an operating and financial review (RG 247), the debate on the current corporate reporting model has now reached the highest international business agenda.

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Our industry leaders share their perspectives and insights into the current and emerging challenges and opportunities facing Australia and how our clients are responding.

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The private side of public investment

The private side of public investment

The importance of infrastructure to our economy cannot be underestimated. But how can governments offer attractive investment opportunities to private sector investors?

Active Research

Active Research 

For Active Research, securing tax credits meant focussing on their products, not their finances.

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