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At KPMG Procurement Practice, we design strategies to help you innovate, grow, reduce costs and leverage talent. We help you execute them, deliver value and ensure long term success. We do this by creating sustainable solution that work for you. You benefit from our combined industry knowledge, global subject expertise and collective experience.


KPMG provides consulting services to holistically optimise procurement organisations – from cost optimisation to the execution of global operating models. We possesses a vast experience in supply chain and procurement optimisation projects within the sector.

As the velocity of business accelerates and with economic volatility expected to continue for the foreseeable future, the pressure organisations place on their procurement function to produce savings will continue to rise.

Insufficient resources, manual processes and disconnected systems leave many CPOs in a reactive state with few options for improvement.

KPMG is a recognised thought leader in procurement and SCM. We provide support to our clients to help them find answers to current megatrends. More than 450 specialists worldwide work on sustainable solutions for our clients to optimise their supply chains – with measurable benefits. Together with our clients we strive to find the best possible solution that will ensure long-term competitiveness.

At KPMG we understand that by design, procurement should be: efficient, effective, accountable, transparent, and rule-based, corrupt free and contribute to better service delivery. Procurement can improve African economies narrowly by:


  • Reducing wastes and inefficiencies;
  • Reducing the cost of litigation caused by professional negligence;
  • Reducing supply chain bottlenecks and risks;
  • Improving professional status;
  • Contributing to employment and support to SME’s;
  • Contributing to expansion of private sector through reduced technicalities; and
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility.

In reality, development partners are not all that happy with the state of public procurement. The politicians/policy makers now openly blame the function for failed projects and seem to have increased this hostility.

Procurement has a great potential for improving African economies and we must:


  • Know what we want, by when and how;
  • Know stakeholders who may support our cause;
  • Know stakeholders who may frustrate our efforts;
  • Build consensus and partnerships on how to lobby police makers; and
  • Know how influence agenda setting for policies.

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