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In a volatile economic environment, organisations continue to cut costs across the organisation. Procurement is no exception. Globally, procurement is one of the fastest growing profession. The role of the procurement function in organizations has evolved over the past decade to become more relevant to the business, hence, the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) position has risen in prominence.


Seven out of the ten fastest growing economies are in Africa (World Bank report 2010). A target spend of more than US$43bn in the African continent is driven by the increased focus on infrastructure and manufacturing setups, majority of this spend is controlled by procurement organisations. By virtue of this trend, Procurement Advisory is growing at a rapid rate in the African continent, following the global growth rate of 4.7%.

In our view, the next leap in procurement capability will come from related and transforming steps. First, procurement must evolve its role to become a true partner to the business rather than a passive service provider. This change will be grounded in the early wins of cost savings and process improvement. It will grow out of a studied knowledge of the business strategy, an understanding of the trajectory of key supply markets, and an ability to impact business growth.

KPMG’s procurement advisory professional’s work with our member firms’ clients to help them improve their business performance and achieve bottom-line savings. By delivering these tangible business results, we believe “procurement excellence” can drive not only cost savings that can be seen in the P&L, but improve business value, mitigate risks and create transparency in supply management


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