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  • Date: 12/6/2012

Quarterly Issues Briefing – Long-term care for the elderly 

This edition of Quarterly Issues Briefing discusses the long-term care (LTC) needs of the elderly, the factors impacting the demand and supply of LTC services and the transformations and innovations necessary to provide convenient, accessible and affordable care to this population.
Long-term care elderly healthcare
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Key points:
Ensuring adequate and sustainable long-term care for the elderly is one of the most complex challenges faced by health systems today.


The provision of care for this segment of the population requires traditional and non-traditional approaches of healthcare delivery, as care needs of the elderly are specific and extensive.


Policymakers, governments and care providers are becoming increasingly certain that without significant innovation and transformation, governments and caregivers are not likely to meet the future requirements of affordable, accessible and high-quality healthcare.


Therefore, supported by technological advances, these stakeholders are increasingly focusing on developing innovative and scalable models through which the elderly can receive care in a convenient, graceful and economical manner while living at home. What is also important in the current scenario is the successful integration of long-term, acute and chronic care for this population, to ensure the highest standards of care delivery.


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