• Industry: Energy & Natural Resources
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  • Date: 2/10/2014

A Guide to the Nigerian Power Sector 

Electricity generation in Nigeria had started over 30 years before the establishment of the first utility back in 1896.
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Despite the various efforts of the State-owned utility, Nigerian Electricity Supply Company, (which operated as a monopoly) to manage the sector to provide electricity, it became clear by the late 1990s that the Nigerian electricity system was failing to meet Nigeria’s power needs. Hence, the National Electric Power Policy of 2001 kicked off the power sector reform in Nigeria, leading to several other reforms over the last decade.


Since the advent of the democratic regime in Nigeria, there have been significant strides in the reform of the sector.


This report looks at the state of the Nigerian Power sector, including current industry issues, key institutions and regulatory agencies, etc. Read more…


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