• Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 10/13/2014

High Growth Markets - Unleashing Africa’s potential 

By looking beyond the BRIC countries and expanding geographic focus, many are uncovering that underdeveloped markets are poised for growth. Opportunities within high growth markets are trending up and will continue to be an important long-term investment strategy for international businesses.

Africa’s potential has long been a subject of speculation, with its billion, mainly young citizens and rich natural resources. This issue discusses why the continent has yet to fulfill its promise, and argues that only through manufacturing can economies build a sustainable base for long-term affluence. Fabric producer Vlisco can hardly claim to be new to Africa – the company is almost 170 years old – but through its clever brand repositioning, it is making and selling more of its products than ever before in the region, targeting the middle classes.


This latest issue of High Growth Markets examines some of those opportunities and challenges that exist in emerging economies for global investors. 



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