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NEWS from the FRONT

Consumer demand will drive the next wave of African PE investments
Modified date: 5/5/2015
Business and industry issue

Working with private equity portfolio companies

KPMG and Director bank conducted a survey of over 300 senior executive and non-executive directors of portfolio companies to find out their views of life under private equity ownership .
Modified date: 4/7/2015
Survey report

Reaction Magazine: 16th Edition

In this edition, we bring you a look at some of the chemical industry’s key end markets with a focus on the outlook for the automotive and construction sectors, courtesy of KPMG’s industry leaders in those segments.
Modified date: 3/30/2015
Publication series

2014 High-Growth Markets Outlook Survey

Companies of all sizes – ranging from small to mid-market to multinational corporations – and in each stage of the investment life cycle, from those with no presence in-country to those with well-established operations.
Modified date: 3/5/2015
Survey report

KPMG Africa calls for continued reforms despite the slowdown in exploration projects

Investors are likely to delay the development of oil and gas projects in sub-Saharan Africa and change the scope of their early-stage projects due to the sharp decline in oil and gas prices.
Modified date: 2/10/2015
Business and industry issue

Listing in Africa - Extractive Industries

This publication provides a country by country overview of the extractive industries and related stock exchange listing criteria in Africa.
Modified date: 2/4/2015
Survey report

Investing in Healthcare in Africa critical to meet 2030 goals

Many view Africa as the continent of opportunity, but the state of the fragile healthcare systems, underpinning the acceleration of social development and economic growth, fails to reflect these prospects, says KPMG Africa.
Modified date: 1/28/2015
Press release

Doing business in Africa - A focus on the business and economic impact of Ebola

KPMG Africa has collaborated across our healthcare practices in West, East and Sub-Saharan Africa to explore the impact of Ebola, both on the affected countries as well as on the businesses of some of our key clients.
Modified date: 1/21/2015
Business and industry issue

Being the best: Inside the intelligent finance function

African economies are expecting higher economic growth than the world average. This KPMG African CFO survey compares the African CFO to counterparts in similar high growth economies.
Modified date: 11/25/2014
Survey report

Necessity: the mother of innovation

Emerging health economies are challenging traditional models of care and succeeding with innovative, low-cost alternatives.
Modified date: 11/25/2014
Case study; White paper
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