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Construction and Infrastructure in Africa 2015

What is the effect of insufficient infrastructure on the African economy? This sector report highlights challenges and opportunities in construction and infrastructure in Africa.
Modified date: 8/15/2015
Business and industry issue

High Growth Markets: the Annual Outlook

The magazine examines the future of High Growth Markets, noting great promise across areas such as Africa, ASEAN and the Middle East.
Modified date: 7/30/2015
Publication series

Payment Developments in Africa 2015, Vol. 1

As a continent on the “Rise”, Africa holds enormous potential for growth, with 50% of the population under 34 years…providing banking/payment solutions is the big challenge.
Modified date: 7/29/2015
White paper

Reaction Magazine: 17th Edition

In this edition, we bring you a focus on the US chemical industry, including what the recent fall in the oil price means for the shale boom, as well as how activist investor pressure is affecting business strategy in many companies across the industry.
Modified date: 7/24/2015
Business and industry issue

African Emergence – The Rise of the Phoenix 2012 report

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2012 that is taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Modified date: 7/10/2015
Press release; Survey report

Insurance in Africa 2015

In this report, we explore which insurance companies are the most in other African countries, and the challenges they face.
Modified date: 7/9/2015
Business and industry issue

2015 KPMG and SAVCA Private Equity Survey

The latest 2015 KPMG and SAVCA Private Equity Survey covers the 2014 calendar year, reflects an expanded industry with R171.1 billion in funds under management as at 31 December, a slight increase from the start of that year.
Modified date: 6/26/2015
Survey report

Mining in Africa 2012

2012 Edition 1 of the Mining Insight Series unpacks the keys to success for mining in Africa - KPMG
Modified date: 6/18/2015
Business and industry issue

KPMG and EAVCA Private Equity Survey - 2007 to 2014

KPMG and EAVCA are delighted to bring you the first ever East African Private Equity Survey, which takes an in depth look at the industry from 2007 to 2014.
Modified date: 6/12/2015
Survey report

Banking in Africa 2015

The growing presence of major pan-African and global banks on the continent has undoubtedly improved the availability and quality of financial services in recent years.
Modified date: 6/10/2015
Business and industry issue
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