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  • Date: 3/23/2016

Certificate in Foundational Payments Course 

Certificate in Foundational Payments Course
The Africa Payments team have taken to heart the view that “Payments is the bedrock of a country’s economy”, which is supported by our publication of the Payment Developments in Africa during 2015.  To this end KPMG have signed an agreement with the Payments Association of South Africa to use their material for the Certificate in Foundational Payments Course, to facilitate the training in countries outside of South Africa.

Our aim is to equip KPMG staff and Industry participants (Central Banks; Banks; Payment System Operators; Mobile Money Operators; Banking Associations; etc.) to gain a foundational understanding of the unique payments language and complex concepts in the end-to-end payments value chain to create a common understanding in cross industry initiatives.  With a common knowledge base we anticipate that industry engagements, within a country or across a regional grouping, will improve and potentially lead to better cooperation in payments resulting in improved payments innovation.


What makes this course unique is:


  • Designed by experts
    The course has been designed and developed by the leading payments experts from across our payments domain. The course covers a wide range of best practice payments & regulatory concepts and illustrates how these have been applied in SA, we have introduced country specific content in the training sessions and case studies.
  • Covers broad payments spectrum
    The course covers low value retail payment systems and basic concepts from the high value payments domain.
  • Structured design
    The design of the course is packaged in a structured manner starting from simple concepts and gradually building to more complex concepts.
  • Expert facilitation
    The course is facilitated by experienced payment practitioners.
  • Robust learner material
    A thorough learner manual aligned with what is covered in the course will be provided. The manual also covers practical activities and real- life case studies that supplement learning.
  • Independent and group work
    The design incorporates facilitated case studies and group work. Frameworks to tackle complex payment scenarios will also be provided.
  • Robust assessments
    There are written assessments, individual assignments and group presentations to continuously stimulate and supplement learning.


Programme Structure


There are 5 days of training, with self-study and group work.


  • Days 1 & 2: Facilitated classroom learning
  • Day 3: Case studies & practice test
  • Day 4: Working groups to develop group presentations
  • Day 5: Final test and group presentation


Accreditation and Certification


Attendees who meet the minimum criteria with includes extent of participation in class, scores on assessment and scores on individual and group assignments with qualify for the Certificate in Foundational Payments, issued jointly by KPMG & PASA.



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