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Accelerating Innovation: the power of the crowd – Global Lessons in eHealth implementation 

The case for eHealth implementation has never been more persuasive. Despite this, its performance globally has also never been more mixed. 


Accelerating Innovation
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KPMG’s global research points to successful examples of how social networking can be used in the healthcare sector to achieve value adding eHealth initiatives. It also explores the role cloud computing can play in this sector.


For too long, eHealth strategies have focused on ‘pushing’ people to accept promised high-level benefits, which do not fully materialize. It is time to take inspiration from successful ‘pull’ movements that attract and harness the power of the crowd, in particular through social networking.


The explosion of social media is perhaps the greatest example of how individuals are ‘pulled’ together to rejoice in the power of the crowd. Today’s ‘crowd’ are tomorrow’s patients. Increasingly therefore, ‘tech-savvy’ clinicians need to be seen not as a block to be won over, but as a catalyst to be nurtured and supported.


KPMG’s research is based on in-depth interviews and discussions with 39 health leaders from across 15 countries and three different regions – Europe, ASPAC and the Americas. The individuals interviewed for this report are those with national and international reputations in the field of health management, health policy and eHealth across the world. Insights from these interviews were augmented with existing published literature from leading academics, as well as practical examples of eHealth around the world.


Based on this research and KPMG’s global experience, we have developed three concepts that – in our experience – can help eHealth participants to develop and implement a holistic and integrated approach.


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