• Service: Advisory
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2/8/2016

2016 CFO Outlook Survey 

This year’s KPMG CFO Outlook Survey provides insights into the critical issues CFOs have to contend with as they seek to protect the bottom line and enhance shareholder value.
CFO Outlook Survey
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Compared to the previous survey, the general outlook from this survey is somewhat less optimistic. This is not altogether surprising, in light of the additional challenges the Nigerian economy is expected to face in 2016. There is a general consensus that the consequences of declining crude oil prices on the macro–economic environment will have a dampening effect across all sectors of the economy.

Against this backdrop, the top three `stay awake issues’ for our respondents are; cost management, exchange rates and government regulation. While these are not necessarily new concerns, they have assumed a new urgency, and it is clear that the current economic realities call for more radical and innovative approaches to these issues.

CFOs have to rethink their operations and look for ways to optimise their operating model with a view to reducing their cost of operation. This edition includes some useful thoughts on sustainable cost optimization.