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Welcome to Africa

From Ethiopia to Ghana; Nigeria to Mozambique, many of Africa’s economies are marching to the drumbeat of progress. KPMG is well positioned to make sure that you capture the business opportunities available and mitigate the risks. With offices in 33 countries, and one more about to open in Ethiopia, our teams have crucial local knowledge of tax regimes, political systems and cultural nuances critical to successful business operations. Our integrated approach to the regions – all African member firms act as one under a single leadership team - means that you can be assured of consistent high quality and cross-border coordination. Links to the KPMG network worldwide and international expertise are also vital to us being able to provide an excellent, multi-disciplinary client experience. Our market entry team is a dedicated senior specialist resource representing the main regions in Africa. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences on the continent with you and take your business to the rest of Africa!

The African market is a dynamic one and a unique one, with nuances only learnt through experience. To successfully establish a sustainable future on the continent whilst seizing the African opportunity, there is no doubt, that the complexities of the continent need to be understood.
KPMG has the tools to cut through these complexities.

      - Bryan Leith, COO of the KPMG Africa Practice

Africa Market Expansion 

Let us help you expand into Africa.