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  • Date: 9/14/2015

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White Goods in Africa 2015 

Africa’s retail sector remains relatively under-developed at present, with most shopping still being done at traditional shops and markets. The formalisation of retail activities – already underway – will be a key trend underlying the sector’s expansion in the coming decade. Another key challenge for retailers and white goods sellers in particular is the high levels of poverty on the continent.
White Goods in Africa 2015
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Most of Africa’s consumers are extremely poor, and spend the majority of their money on food and other necessities – the acquisition of household furniture and appliances accounts for only around 5% of household expenditure. Nonetheless, the continent’s middle class (those households spending more than US$3,000 per annum) totals almost 40 million.


This report firstly looks at the continent’s major manufacturers and exporters of white goods (South Africa and Egypt, and to a lesser extent Tunisia). Secondly, based on imports and market size data, the following major white goods markets will be reviewed: Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, and Ivory Coast.


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