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  • Date: 9/14/2015

Consumer Markets

Companies are adapting to fast-changing business conditions through innovative product development, new technologies, supply chain enhancements and business acquisitions and divestments.

Manufacturing in Africa 2015 

The manufacturing sector is widely considered to be the ideal industry to drive Africa’s development due to the labour-intensive, export-focused nature of the business. Indeed, as pointed out by The Economist during 2014, few countries have been able to escape poverty without employing a significant amount of their people in manufacturing activity.
Manufacturing in Africa 2015
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Already, in many African countries, investment flows from politically friendly states in Asia come with conditions requiring politicians to make room for manufacturing in their policy decisions.


Africa offers a unique combination of factors that make it difficult to operate in the secondary sector. These issues include, on a country-by-country basis, challenges to reliable power supply, a shortage of domestic suppliers, high costs of importing and exporting goods, and deficient physical infrastructure, amongst others.


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