KPMG Opinion on skills development

Skills development in the mining industry 

Forget traditional ‘pseudo-conscious’ approaches to leadership practices… it is about moving from an evolutionary approach to a full scale revolutionary mindset.
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Why traditional simply doesn’t work

Leadership structures are rigid, core business is the only business, difficult but important relationships are tolerated and shareholder gain is the sole and primary driver of organisational behaviour.

It is difficult to find another ‘level’ or dimension of organisation and operation in an organisation with a compliance driven mind-set.

Employees are still referred to as ‘labour’ and the language guides the interactions

Evolution is appealing… when time is on your side

Leadership commitment is largely apparent and this is generally reflected in the values of the organisation and intent of the leaders in the organisation.

Important stakeholders are engaged with the intention of making relationships work better than during times of old and organisational policy development reflects all of these intentions.

There is a disconnect of sorts, however, between intention and action so the end outcome, may not be dynamic enough to keep up with and transcend the times

The revolutionaries…a different way of managing people

So what sets them apart…

  • Capable, confident and empathetic leadership
  • Clear vision of how they want to achieve their goals
  • Socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit
  • Bold and definitive actions that set the standard
  • An insatiable appetite for collaboration with a purpose
  • A largely committed and competent workforce
  • Internal agents of change (Intrapreneurs)

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