Sustainable development is becoming increasingly important for the mining sector, especially in an increasingly resource constrained world. There is a clear business case for embedding sustainability into the strategy and operating model of a mining company. Leading organizations are leveraging sustainability to drive business resilience and as a source of defendable competitive advantage.


KPMG’s thought leadership and support provides mining sector participants with insight into these business challenges and issues, enabling them to make better decisions faster.


Strategic community investment Rehabilitation and liability manageme Materials stewardship Energy, carbon and water management Sustainability reporting and assurance

Strategic community investment: Securing and maintaining a social license to operate through effective stakeholder management

Rehabilitation and liability management: Ensuring compliance with legislative provisions for site rehabilitation, environmental liabilities and mine closure costs.

Materials stewardship: Building a sustainable market and supply chain through lifecycle management of commodities and

Energy, carbon and water management: Optimising access to and use of energy and environmental inputs for production and managing the impact of environmental taxes.

Sustainability reporting and assurance: Assurance of key sustainability indicators and reporting under regulatory or voluntary disclosure standards.



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